Mynyddygarreg, Kidwelli,

National grid reference: SN 412082

A quartz block 2m high stands in Cae Garreg Fawr (field of the big rock) on Allt Cunedda overlooking the Gwendraeth Fach river valley and Kidwelli and Llansaint strip fieilds. On top of Allt Cunedda hill are the remains of burial mounds and archaeological records indicate the possibility of an henge and Iron Age hillfort. The second stone that was once here is said to have sunk, curious on a rocky outcrop.
    This site is the final of a series of stone settings along the Gweandraeth Fach valley. Llanelli history says 'Cydweli, Llannon and Carmel were important Early Bronze Age centres. Ancient sea routes from Ireland to South and West Wales
were probably in existence and for many thousands of years the Burry Inlet, Llwchwr Estuary and the Lliedi River would have been safe havens and stopping-off points for seafarers.' Just south west of here the Gwendraeth, Towy and Taf rivers meet and flow across the sands of Cefn Sidan into the Bristol channel.
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Maes Mochnant
Meini Llwyddion