Stone of the Writing
Morvah, Penwith, Cornwall

National grid reference: SW 427353

This could be a reused prehistoric standing stone like Maen Madoc.
The inscription: RIALOBRAN- CVNOVAL- FIL- are latinised forms of the names 'Royal Raven' and 'Famous Leader' from around the fifth or sixth century.

A great battle occurred at this site and it is said that Ryalvran died trying to regain his fathers lands at Kenval. The size of the stone is that of this fallen hero, if all the stone is taken as the measurement then he would have been a giant of a man around 8ft, but it is more likely that the true height would be that originally above ground, around 6ft but now it is deeper with part of the inscription buried.
Nearby is the Men-an-Tôl.
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Maen Myrddin