Llanrhaiadr-ym-Mochnant, Clwyd

National grid reference: SJ 136248

    This 3.65m high pillar stands in field called Erw y Garregon in the Tanat valley where three rivers meet. The Afon Tanat flows south and east from the Snowdonia watershed through here
and heads off into the heart of Britain. Nearby to the north is the Meusydd Henge which can be seen as a huge circular cropmark when ungrazed. Arriving here in prehistory would have been a welcome respite on a journey between the Irish Sea and the Midlands.
    The Maes Mochnant was said to have been erected to save the area from a dragon. CPAT details the legendary and historic landscapes of the 'pig-stream', including the 2007 excavation of the Meusydd Henge.
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