Boscawen Un Kerris Kenidjack Fforest Fawr Tresvennack Pillar Gwempa Bon y Maen Heiligen Wiese Pipers of Boleigh Rudston Blind Fiddler Ty Du Mên an Tol Maen Madoc Trigganeris Maen Llia Llanrhidian Callanish Maen Mawr Battle Maen Bradwen Lanyon Quoit Minchinhampton Harold's Stones Queen's Stone Bryn Maen Staunton Dry Tree Galchen-Fach Blaenau Uchaf

On display is a small general selection of the series of paintings.

    Watercolour on Arches paper ranging in size from around A3 to A1. Further details can be found to the right of the specific stone page, just select the item on the motion gallery above.

    The natural settling of the colour means every work is unique, versions of a stone are never copies, each has distict personality. Every work is signed, dated and described (inverso). The selection of paintings of standing stones on display are just a part of a more extensive collection, some of which are listed here and on other pages nearby. Due to the fugitive qualities of watercolour more permanent reproductions are available as prints in a choice of sizes and greeting cards of many titles in the merchandise section, where paintings are listed with the tricky titles.

    If you wish to pass on comments ask Arthur or have a personal request please use this  link.

Please Note: The shop is not yet connected so ordering is by request only at present.